DUI Defense

DUI Defense | Attorney John F. O'Brien - Manchester, CT

Attorney John F. O’Brien is an experienced DUI attorney in Hartford, CT with over 30 years experience. We understand that being arrested for a DUI is a stressful and humiliating experience that often times comes with mitigating factors such as a stressful home life or addiction.

We can help you navigate the court system, prepare your case and present your case to the judge. We’ll handle the stress and anxiety of preparing your DUI case so that you can work on fixing the stressful issues in your life.

We can even help you keep your license and fight your suspension. We understand that you need to drive to work and take the kids to school, and we can present those facts to the judge during your hearing.

When it comes to DUI defense, we can help you. Our experienced DUI attorney will fight for your rights.

If you’re in need of a criminal defense lawyer, DUI attorney or a trial lawyer, don’t hesitate to give us a call. We’ve been protecting people’s rights in Hartford, CT since 1986, and we’d be happy to discuss your case with you.